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Selfless Cadet Callum Anderson

  Selfless Cadet Callum Anderson
Monday16th March 2020

On Monday, 17th February, an elderly lady lost her footing on the pavement.A few moments later a group of youngsters came along and offered to help, and without any prompting, they all took off their coats and proceeded to cover the lady with them to keep her warm.The children who arrived deserve some recognition for what they did, especially with all the bad press about the town’s youngsters.

It was bitterly cold and they themselves did this act of kindness. They all waited for around 45 minutes for the ambulance to arrive and were knelt on the floor beside her the whole time.

One of the children in this group was Cadet Callum Anderson. We believe his selfless act needs recognised and this is what the Cadet scheme is all about. An excellent act of kindness and an excellent Cadet. 

Well done 

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