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HAGGRID seeks to develop personal skills, facilitate informed choice, build confidence and increase self worth.  We want to help these young people to feel better about themselves and become more integrated into their community.

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Using our 3 step model the project begins with police led Education on common issues affecting young people and their communities. This includes perceptions of people, groups and authority, environmental crime, criminal damage, drugs and alcohol, assault, weapons, domestic violence, hate crime and dishonesty.

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The group then embarks upon a Community horticultural project. The objective is to make a positive contribution to the local community, building personal esteem and increasing community confidence. Examples include developing waste land into a community garden, delivering flower tubs to the elderly, creating a flower display at a war memorial etc. The young people work towards a national qualification in horticulture that is provided by DAAC and accredited by City and Guilds.

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The students are then eligible to take part in Activity based rewards throughout the year as long as they maintain improvement in the following core elements; attendance, effort and behaviour. They are monitored through attendance at HAGGRID and in school and if their standards fall they are removed from the activity programme. Examples of activities include mountain biking, rock climbing and fishing.

Since HAGGRID began in 2012, around 600 young people have been referred to the programme. Only 3% of this ‘high risk’ group have gone on to commit a crime and many have gone on to further education or employment.

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Our Mission

The HAGGRID projects mission is to ensure that young people in Co. Durham and Darlington are seen as assets to their communities by raising their aspirations and developing them to ensure they achieve positive outcomes and improved community perceptions.

Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of the HAGGRID programme are:-

  1. To actively engage with a group of identified young people in order to establish honesty, trust and individual needs.
  2. To divert those young people from crime, antisocial behaviour and educational or social exclusion.
  3. To develop those young people in order to maximise individual potential and citizenship.
  4. To improve the positive perceptions of those and other young people within communities

Latest Projects

Our award winning projects have received regional and national recognition.