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Mini Police Scheme

DAAC  Mini Police project is a highly effective, established project run by DAAC on behalf of and alongside Durham Constabulary.  This is an innovative project aimed at 9-11 year olds in primary schools across County Durham and Darlington the aim is to introduce the Mini Police to a positive experience of policing, the principles of good citizenship and develop an understanding of their local community and the constructive role they can have within this.


The project materials are researched and designed by DAAC project leads, and are subject to a robust quality assurance process with qualified trainers, assessors and internal quality assurance staff.  A proven and effective peer to peer delivery model is utilised, with  apprentice youth development workers aged 16-25yrs who quickly facilitate high levels of engagement with the students across the duration of the project.  Mini Police programme can be flexible in duration and content to suit the needs of the school/students a comprehensive Mini Police Menu is available to view below.  


On completion of the project delivery phase, support and guidance on how to continue the Mini Police learning journey is provided, aftercare package is available to view below. 


When a school has taken part in the initial Mini Police project they will be provided with free access to a  My Mini Police Account   within this they will be able to book enrichment visits and activities for their Mini Police, take part in the Mini Police reward scheme and competitions and our Kennel pals scheme where schools are assigned their very own Mini Police dog.  Community events for members of the Mini Police to take part in such as lantern parades, flag parades, remembrance day parades, road safety campaigns etc. will be advertised here. 


Several Mini Police officers have now progressed to become part of the Durham Volunteer Police Cadet Scheme for young people aged 11-18yrs.

DAAC Mini Police Programme has received national recognition, we are continuing to use our expertise to assist numerous other Police services across England and Wales to develop and implement their own programmes. 


Rounded Rectangular Callout: Thornhill Primary Shildon,
Excellent project that has met our needs in relation to internet and phone safety as a lot of our children have been accessing inappropriate things. The children love the project and look forward to it, use of the apprentices is great as they are seen as role models by the children and seem to connect with them straight away.  
Class teacher

                                                                     Rounded Rectangular Callout: Reid Street Primary Darlington 
Thank you for delivering a very organised and professional 6 week course to our pupils. They thoroughly enjoyed it and have completed their posters.  
Parent Support Advisor

 Mini Police Kennel Pals Scheme

Our new Kennel Pals Scheme is now up and running!

Please create a ' My Mini Police Account' for your school and you will be able to access the different tasks for your Mini Police to take part in ... and remember points mean prizes!

Kennel Pals write up, Rank Structure, Contents/Tasks and Evidence ideas are able for you to download further below on this page.


Here is an overview of some of the events our Mini Police have been involved in:

  • Charity events across County Durham and Darlington - e.g. helping to raise money for Macmillan Cancer charity.
  • Remembrance day, Christmas lantern, Flag day and other relevant parades
  • Road safety initiatives in community areas, often close to schools. 
  • Bikewise and other community events.  
  • Intergenerational work across local communities - e.g.  Christmas Carol services and card making for residential care homes.  Bird box making and siting, Planting and decorating pots for relevant community areas.   

We are always happy to discuss any ideas you may have to include the Mini Police in proposed events. Contact us.