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About Us

DAAC 3 step approach;


We Educate young people so they are better equipped to make good choices, they will acquire knowledge, skills and qualifications that improve their life opportunities. 

Our young people gain a sense of Community, conducting positive activities within local communities to assist others. With this they feel a sense of achievement and belonging, alongside demonstrating to others that young people can play a positive role within their local communities.  

Activities are designed to reinforce education and community goals. Confidence building, teamwork, communication and learning new skills all help to develop the young person’s potential. 

Project delivery is a pro social modelling approach which has received excellent feedback from both education providers and students. 

In partnership with Durham Constabulary, DAAC runs a level 3 youth development worker apprenticeship programme with young people aged 16-25yrs who work alongside our fully qualified and experienced senior staff to effectively deliver our range of projects.  This allows us to use our unique and operationally proven peer to peer approach, young people as role models for young people.