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FREE Project

Information about FREE women's project

FREE (Female Recovery through Experience & Empowerment) offer support to any women who may have suffered from addiction, domestic abuse, mental health, or self-isolation. We offer a safe space in a non-judgemental female only environment, for women to open up, reach out and get the help they need. Many of the women who have been attending FREE are now volunteers for our service, and help us deliver groups on subjects such as, health and wellbeing, mindfulness, stigma, shame, co-dependency, recognising domestic abuse, positive affirmations, nutrition, cancer aware, arts & crafts and too many more to list. 

What’s different about FREE is that it doesn’t have a corporate feel about it, it doesn’t feel like it’s run by the Police, because it isn’t, any woman who attends can get involved as much or as little as they like. They feel comfortable sharing their story without any fear of judgement and it’s at that point we can really find out what is going on for them, and we can refer them into the right service, but with our ongoing support throughout the process. The women who attend FREE are from diverse backgrounds and have a variety of life experience. It therefore appears there is always someone that new women can relate to and get hope from.

Starting out at one session a week from Sherburn Hill Community Hub, FREE moved to North Road Methodist Church on October 3rd and started delivering two four-hour sessions a week, on a Tuesday and a Friday. With little advertising, our groups have now grown to 40 women in size attending a single session



What our women say abouth their project!


“Meet my friends, my cheerleaders, my shoulders to cry on! This female support group “FREE” has no judgement, just acceptance. We have the best laughs! Here’s some well-deserved appreciation, love you all.” 

“Honestly, I’m so grateful that I’m able to help out with the group. I was just saying today that FREE has been more help to me than the mental health professionals I’ve had contact with, I’m not the only one who feels like that. What you’ve started is amazing Marie and you deserve every single award they’re throwing at you!”

“Building collaboration and spreading love & solidarity #TinasHaven if we could have Marie Warby & a FREE Women’s Group in every town, the world would be a safer, better place for females.” Dr Sue Robson, Tina’s Haven.

“Thank you, Pete, for setting FREE up in the first place, and for everything you do to keep it going and growing! I can honestly say that FREE has had the biggest positive impact on me since it started. If I didn’t have FREE in my life I dread to think where I’d be right now. 

“A women’s stigma awareness session with the FREE women’s group ran by Marie Warby happened today. What an incredible group! I want to thank each & every one of the women who attended for the honesty, willingness to participate & open-minded discussions about what it means to you all, to be women who have been stigmatised. Fabulous day of connection.”  

“The group were amazing today, I was blown away by the support they gave each other; what a powerful and resilient group they are, please pass on my thanks to Marie and everyone today.” Liz Fisher, Deputy Chief Executive, PCP.

“I felt that we were warmly welcomed by the ladies. I was truly touched by their stories and how much they care about and support each other. I could see a real magic and connection in the room.” Kalina Bellis, Lived Experience Lead, PCP.


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